Sally Van Sickle

Yoga, Pilates, Core Fitness Instructor

Group Classes, Yoga Parties,

Personal Training and Core Fitness Training

Specialty Training for PreNatal, Post-Partum, Senior Yoga and Pilates

Sally found her love of yoga 15 years ago taking classes at a local gym.  She was a shy person but her draw towards yoga and it’s teachings empowered Sally with the courage to approach her instructor and ask her how to go about becoming a yoga instructor herself.  All she wanted to do was to help make people feel as good as she did after a yoga class.  Sally feels blessed to have been teaching for ten years now.  She has met wonderful people during her studies of yoga and mind-body wellness, through the classes that she offers with her business, and classes that she taught at many gyms within our community.  Sally holds numerous certifications in various disciplines of yoga including asana practice, philosophies, chakra balancing and has received specialty certifications for pre and post-natal and senior instruction.  In addition, Sally is a certified personal trainer specializing in core fitness training.  Her education in both pilates and yoga is an integral part of her core fitness teachings as well as her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Science.

Through her business, Trinity Yoga & Fitness, Sally is dedicated to encouraging a lifetime of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness and to provide her students with tools to discover their own inner strengths through the practice of yoga, pilates and core strength training.  The foundational belief of Trinity Yoga & Fitness is that the philosophies and physical disciplines of yoga, pilates and core strengthening transcend into all aspects of daily life improving who we are as individuals, members of the community and as a member of humanity.  Trinity Yoga & Fitness is devoted towards motivating and guiding students through the process of self exploration and the discovery of total mind body wellness, which will enhance and ensure quality and longevity of life.

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