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Core Fitness Training
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One Free Group Class
Added to Your First Package Purchase
Bring a Friend & Your Next Group Class Is Free

Why Trinity Yoga & Fitness with Sally

We are Not

a Corporation or a Chain we are Your local neighborhood studio

A Boutique

Neighborhood Studio

with Semi-Private Class Sizes

Maximum of 15 Students per Class

You Won’t Get Lost in the Crowd at

Trinity Yoga & Fitness

Sally learns how your body moves

She creates classes to help alleviate discomforts of the day and chronic issues

Minutes Away from Home Saving Time & Gas

walk if you can, its better for your mind, your body and the environment

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for  First Time Yogis
All Payments Accepted Online !investinyou.htmlinvestinyou.htmlinvestinyou.htmlshapeimage_29_link_0shapeimage_29_link_1

Don’t Forget to BringYour Water 

Use a Refillable Container

Join us in cutting down on the consumption of Single Use Plastics

with Stability Ball & Light Free Weights

Peaceful Flowing Style

Energizing Flowing Style

Special Class Notices

8:30am Wednesdaysclassschedule.htmlclassschedule.htmlshapeimage_31_link_0

Pre-Natal Yoga Is Accepting Reservations

Meditative & Restorative

All Payments Accepted OnLine No Service Feeinvestinyou.htmlinvestinyou.htmlshapeimage_32_link_0
All Payments Accepted OnLine No Service Feeinvestinyou.htmlinvestinyou.htmlshapeimage_33_link_0

Temporarily Closed

8:00am Thursdaysclassschedule.htmlclassschedule.htmlshapeimage_34_link_0

Re-Opening Very Soon!!

Sally Will Soon Be Joining In the Practices at the Studio

7:15pm Mondaysclassschedule.htmlclassschedule.htmlshapeimage_35_link_0

Temporarily Closed

7:15 pm Wednesdaysclassschedule.htmlclassschedule.htmlshapeimage_36_link_0

Temporarily Closed

40% Off September to Remember Sale Coming

40% Off September to Remember Sale Coming