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I have to tell you that you have inspired me to keep wanting to go to a yoga class.  I really needed to do something for myself because in the past several months I’ve had a lot of stress.  Before taking your class at LA Fitness I had only gone to about 4 or 5 yoga classes  at different places, Core Power being 3 of them, and I’ve never walked away from any of those classes feeling the way that I do when I leave your classes.  I feel really good!  So I thank you for being such a great instructor and so in touch with your students.  You obviously have something good going on and I’m glad that you share that with others and I appreciate it very much!  See you soon.

     Anita~San Carlos

Yoga was wonderful as usual, It just gets better and better.  WOW, Talk about a Blessing!!!  Thank you, Sally.  I want you to know how much I enjoy your classes, you are by far the best Yoga Instructor I have ever had.  Lizeth and I were talking today at the bank on how much we look forward to your classes.

     Chrissy~ El Cajon

Thanks!  I enjoyed the class.  Great studio!  I loved the view and as always soothing music. 

     Susan~ El Cajon

Hi Sally!  Your yoga class last night was FABULOUS!!!  A very PEACEFUL experience!  I am SO HAPPY you have your own studio – with class times that fit my schedule!  Your studio is BEAUTIFUL and in the perfect location!   Congratulations, again!!!  See you next week on Wed!

     Debbie~ El Cajon

Sally’s class provides me with the perfect time to spend in a way that physically strengthens & mentally refreshens me.  Her pacing is wonderful with enough warm up & cool down & plenty of challenges to our strength and balance in between.  She consistently offers a range of possibilities for each pose so that first-time & experienced students are able to find their appropriate level of challenge feeling confident and satisfied. 

Linda~ Allied Gardens

When your product is a BMW you should not get Chevy prices.                 David~ Del Cerro

I stopped going to the 24Hr Fitness class because it was too crowded -you are such a popular teacher!  The class times are perfect  at your studio.  I only feel safe in your class because of my bad back (I have hurt my back in other yoga classes).  I also don't get bored like I do in other yoga teacher’s classes.     Laura~UTC

I love the space you've created! I relax just walking in the door.     Roxanne~ Tierrasanta

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