In the Beginner’s Mind There are Many Possibilities,

But in the Expert’s Mind

There are Few

~Shunryu Suzuki~

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Trinity Yoga & Fitness 
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Core Fitness Training

Yoga FAQ’s

Yoga Etiquette

Don’t Forget to BringYour Water 

Use a Refillable Container

Join us in cutting down on the consumption of Single Use Plastics

Park In Stalls in Blacktop Parking Lot Behind Building

Can I really do yoga? 

Yes!  Anybody of any gender at any age can do yoga. Be not afraid.  Our’s is a yoga practice for the normal person!

What should I wear? 

Wear layered comfortable clothing.  Women may want to wear a fitted tank top under a T-Shirt. Room temp is 70-75 degrees.

What do I need to bring? 

Your yoga mat, a refillable water bottle & remember to wear layers. Blocks & straps are available but limited in supply; bring if you have.

What style of Yoga do you teach?          Trinity Yoga & Fitness Style     -     Experience Trinity’s “Twist” on Vinyasa

The essence of my teaching style is incorporating many of the elements from various Hatha Yoga styles such as the principles of alignment with Iyengar Yoga, the principles of transitioning with breath as in Ashtanga Yoga and blending those principles into the flowing elements of Vinyasa which links one asana (pose) to the next for a seamless and fluid experience of meditation in movement.  Elements of pranayama, mudras, bandhas and chakras are a vital part to our practice.  Each class is different offering a different focus of all the above, including opening different areas of the body, as well as pose breakdown classes to help understand the fundamentals and foundation of each asana.

These are mixed level classes.  If you are brand new to Yoga we recommend you begin with our Gentle Yoga or Trinity’s Shanti Flow class.

Do I need a mat?

Most people prefer to use their own yoga mat for sanitary reasons.  I do have mats available ~ $3 rental fee.

You can purchase yoga mats, straps and blocks at TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall’s, Target, WalMart, & Sporting Good Stores ranging from $8 and up.

What about eating?

It is best not to eat 2-3 hours prior to class to prevent heartburn and to prevent digestive discomfort.

Please arrive on time or 10 minutes early to settle in.

Don’t stress if traffic gets you, just come.  Please enter quietly and respectfully lay down your mat honoring the silence and the space of those around you. If possible, do not lay your mat directly in front of another.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes.

Many people have sensitivities to scents. Our room is intimate so even light perfumes can overwhelm the space.

Please turn off your cell phones. 

We have all been that person who’s cell phone goes off in the middle of class which helps us remember to #1: turn our phones on silent prior to getting out of our car and #2: to refrain from judging those who may have forgotten.

Please do not bring colored beverages into the studio (no juice, gatorade, coffee or tea; Only Water Please.)

If you bring water or a beverage into the studio, please make sure it has a seal tight lid. Securely fix lid after each sip.      

You are welcome to use our blankets, straps and blocks.

Please select the props you wish to use prior to class, please share if the need arises.

Let us take care of ourselves and one another.

We can look around the room for inspiration, but let us learn to abandon our ego, competition and judgement of self and others.  Enjoy your practice moment to moment as you learn to allow your body and your intuition to speak to you guiding you on the journey of union within through yoga.

Do Not come into the studio if your are sick. Let us take care of ourselves and one another.

If you still have symptoms (especially runny nose, sneezing, productive cough or digestive upset) please refrain from coming into the studio so illness does not spread to fellow yogis.  Allow your body to fully recover.

For Classes 8a-5p:

Please park in stalls without a number and with sign stating

For Tenant & Client Parking-

You’re the Client; If lot is full please find street parking

For Evening Classes after 5p &  All Weekend classes

We have free reign of the parking lot and underground parking; If lot is full please find street parking

7290 Navajo Rd. Suite 206
San Diego, CA 92119